We are member of the Architecture Forum in The Open Group and are involved in the evolution of TOGAF®. Through the practical use of TOGAF® in various projects we speak from experience in our training courses.

Training Course in TOGAF 9.2 - Level 1+2

Methodical support for the establishment and application of EA management is offered by TOGAF® - an internationally recognized standard of The Open Group for architecture management. The heart of TOGAF® is a method for architecture development, complemented by guidelines and techniques for the application and possible adaptation. Meta model, viewpoints, reference models and guidelines for the organization of architecture management (roles, committees, skills etc.) as well as for the use of an architecture repository represent only some of the further main components of the framework.

Course Content

With our training in TOGAF® 9.2 you obtain a comprehensive and colorful introduction into the TOGAF® framework. You get to know the methodical and conceptual components of the framework and, based on case studies (and the practical experiences provided by our trainers), learn how to apply them in practice. The training is offered in both German and English language, and can be delivered in-house.

Course Duration

4 days, optionally only 2 days foundation (level 1) or 2 days advanced (level 2)


Dr. Daniel Simon
Managing Partner

Daniel Simon is a Managing Partner of Scape Consulting and heads the office in Cologne. Before, he served as an Enterprise Architect at a large insurance group, following several years as a Consultant in EA management and IT portfolio management. Across these years, he gained experience in several industries and with various business functions. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cologne and has authored several works on EA management.


Feedback of Participants

»Sound overview of TOGAF 9.1 and a look beyond where reasonable.«

(TOGAF 11/2014)

Feedback of Participants

»Very successful introduction into TOGAF!«

(TOGAF 10/2015)

Feedback of Participants

»Highly recommended.«

(TOGAF 12/2015)

Feedback of Participants

»Interesting and useful to know.«

(TOGAF 07/2016)

Course Flyer

More information on our TOGAF courses can be found in our TOGAF course flyer.

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