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»Working with a company where my skills are part of the core business –
That's Scape to me.«


Dirk, Architect and Senior Consultant

Dirk joined Scape in 2020 and is currently working as a consultant focused on the public sector and as a TOGAF trainer.

Why are you interested in Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

I am fascinated to see how using EA gives you an overview on all aspects of an enterprise including their interconnections: from operating system technologies to business capabilities. Most important: it’s always dependent on flight level – the key is not to get lost in details.

When I was leading a team of application developers and specialists, I realized how important this holistic view is – projects are getting more complex and dependencies between applications are growing. This experience was one of the main drivers for me to delve into the EA methodology and eventually roll it out across one of the companies I used to work for. Once the EA capability was established, we started using various elements from the EA toolbox.

Why did you decide to become a consultant?

During my whole business life I have liked advising my colleagues und team members – and people wanted me to do this. In addition I wanted to intensify my focus on EA and get to know and use all aspects of it. Now that I am a consultant I get to work with different clients with diverse needs. This gives me the chance to apply much broader aspects of EA. It is part of my everyday job to stay up-to-date on recent developments in the EA field. I am dealing with a change of roles: As an Enterprise Architect I used to consult external EA specialists to  make informed architecture-related decisions. Now I am the one who is advising our clients on EA matters. That definitely feels different – it is a different type of responsibility.

Why did you choose Scape?

I wanted to work with a company where my skills are part of its core business. If you look at large consulting companies, you will notice that EA is just one of many topics with varying levels of management attention. Scape however is specialized in EA. And this comes with many nice aspects: we are all architects with a common mindset while having very individual skills. Our exchange of ideas on a level playing field is very enriching.

At Scape you have the possibility to contribute to all parts of the business: we don’t have a PR department, so if you have the right skills for this job, you are free to help. And this applies to many aspects – decisions are made fast (but nonetheless thoughtfully) and together. We are all taking part in developing our company.

What is your first impression of working at Scape?

I work from home most of the time, and this brings a different attitude towards life – especially as a family man. There is no daily commuting any longer, and I can chat with my wife and children during a short break. Of course you have to have a certain discipline and self-motivation. Although you work with complete freedom you are not on your own – you always have the chance to talk to your colleagues over the phone or online. At Scape you will find a culture of support: you can always ask a colleague for advice or to help review project outputs. There is no competition for personal revenue scores. The main goal is to deliver high quality output to our clients.

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»Collaborating with creative characters and true EA experts in a start-up-like space with plenty of scope for innovation –
That’s Scape to me.«


Arash, Architect and Partner


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