EA Communication

Communication is a main challenge in the daily work of an architect. Architecture entails a certain degree of abstraction that is to be grounded and appropriately exemplified for successful communication. In addition, architects usually face different stakeholders that require to be addressed individually. The communication skills of architects thus play a success critical role. 

Foundation Course: EA Communication (Level 1)

In our foundation course on EA communication you benefit from a discussion of adequate communication instruments to help explain EA and related artifacts in an understandable, catchy, and stakeholder-oriented way. Analogies, metaphors, storytelling, and presentation / visualization play a key role here. The interactive character of this course - as a communication training "for architects among architects" - comes with fruitful discussions and possible exchange of experiences among peers.

Course Content

Specifically, the course deals with the following subjects:

  • Methodical foundation of EA communication
  • Use of analogies and metaphors to support EA communication
  • Structure of presentations for effective communication of EA artifacts
  • Communication by appropriate visualization / design of presentation material
Course Duration

1 day

Advanced Course: EA Communication (Level 2)

In our advanced course on EA communication the focus lies on the practical training of an architect's presentation and moderation / facilitation skills. Based on a continued exploration of methodical approaches to storytelling (see our EA communication foundation course) and of specific communication techniques with respect to architectural matters you practice the presentation of typical EA artifacts and act as a moderator / facilitator in the context of a typical work situation of an architect.

Course Content

Above all, the course includes dealing with the following subjects:

  • Introduction into specific techniques for EA communication
  • Practice: presentation of a typical EA artifact
  • Practice: facilitation of a typical architecture work session
Course Duration

2 days

Feedback of Participants

»A good foundation and introduction.«

(EA Communication Foundation 04/2018)

Feedback of Participants

»The course has helped me a lot.«

(EA Communication Foundation 04/2018)

Feedback of Participants

»Recommended for everyone active in the EA management context.«

(EA Communication Foundation 09/2018)

Feedback of Participants

»Colorful presentation of specific EA communication approaches.«

(EA Communication Foundation 09/2018)


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