EA Communication Kit

You are looking for proper ways to make people understand EA management and its fundamental artifacts (e.g., architecture principles)? You have difficulties to convince and activate your stakeholders? Marketing and sales of your EA management function lack inspirational instruments?

We offer you adequate means for communicating EA management and its deliverables in an effective and stakeholder-oriented way. Our EA Communication Kit provides diverse presentation material that can easily be tailored to your context and that enables you to communicate your deliverables and guidelines in a way with which to actually reach your stakeholders and avoid a quick fall into oblivion. Analogies, metaphors, principles of storytelling, and appropriate visual elements play a key role in our communication kit. It has a modular structure, so that specific constituents for dealing with certain challenges (e.g., marketing and sales of your capability map) are also obtainable individually.

Using the EA Communication Kit


Flyer Communication Kit

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